Monday, November 20 : : : Episode 72Jillian Adel

...on story, typography and bad ideas.

Los Angeles-based designer, illustrator and sex positivity advocate Jillian Adel joins the show for a chat on the eve of her talk at H$TL House on Tuesday, November 21: “The Good Rule: An Evening of Story, Typography and Bad Ideas.” Jillian talks about her early days exploring design in Philadelphia, sharing the unglamorous side of freelance life and the importance of self discovery.

Tuesday, November 7 : : : Episode 71Gibbs Connors

...on defining the American landscape.

Gibbs Connors is a traditional sign painter whose work you've undoubtedly seen around town. He specializes in hand-lettering, carving, surface gilding, glass gilding, fabrication and screen-printing on site for businesses, museums, restaurants and more. He sits down with Ryan for a chat about blue collar graphic design, passing style down through generations and “flicking out of the book.”

Episode 70Joe Scorsone &
Alice Drueding

Joe and Alice talk about looking at issues from a different way, being challenged artistically by something new and how they encourage one another creatively.

Episode 69Design Philadelphia

Recorded live at AIA Philadelphia for Design Philadelphia 2017, Ryan sits down with Erin Waxman and Megan Brewster of Art Star, Casey Lynch, Ian Stafford and Katey Mangels and Cisco Griffin.

Episode 68Danni Sinisi

Danni Sinisi is an art director with an entrepreneurial spirit, taking her passion for making ice cream and branding and combining the two into Lil’ Mario’s, her own line of ice cream named after her cat.