Tuesday, September 26 : : : Episode 68Danni Sinisi

...on giving yourself the time to do something you enjoy.

Danni Sinisi is an art director at Brownstein Group with a passion for working design and an entrepreneurial spirit, taking her passion for making ice cream and branding and combining the two into Lil’ Mario’s, her own line of ice cream named after her cat. Danni joins the show to chat about branding, working with nonprofits and coming up with new flavors. And Danni and Ryan want your help coming up with a signature Hi-Res flavor! Tweet your suggestions to @HiResPod and @DanniSinisi with #HiResOnIce.

Episode 67Josh Carter

Designer Josh Carter infuses his sense of humor in his work. He joins Ryan for a chat about comedy, creating on-demand illustrations and why it pays to watch the credits of your favorite T.V. shows.

Episode 66Jude Buffum

Jude Buffum has a inspiring breadth of work and recounts his journey to becoming an illustrator, cultivating different illustration styles and the worst critique he ever had.

Episode 65Greg Christman

Designer Greg Christman joins the show for a chat about the importance of interacting with fellow designers, his disdain for hustle culture and rereading Harry Potter with his kids.