Tuesday, May 8 : : : Episode 87Design From Memory

...on an amazing night supporting art for kids.

Recorded live on location at the Design from Memory art show opening night at Masthead Print Studio on Saturday, April 21st, Ryan chats with the artists and guests that made the show an overwhelming success, making over $750 for the Nebinger Art Program. Catch up with past and future guests of the show and find out how you can still get a chance to see the show at the closing reception on May 18th!

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May 24May Update

We're in the thick of our home renovations over here at Casa de Starr and while the house more than resembles the wreckage of Hoth base at the moment, (my creative director literally just said, "Do you have to make everything about Star Wars?")…

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May 1Patrick Macomber

Patrick is making a comeback on this month's bonus episode of the show, joining me in the Indy Hall Studios to chat about social media, becoming a fan of something after initially hating it (or vice versa), our mutual love of John Carpenter movies…

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April 25Some parting
thoughts on #DesignFromMemory

In the fall of 2016 I decided I wanted to try to do my first live episode of the show. It was an opportunity to try something new with…

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Tuesday, April 24 : : : Episode 86Nate Harris

...on seeing out the idea.

Nate Harris is a graphic artist with a focus on bold, colorful & often character driven work, dividing his time between woodworking, printmaking, and illustration. He approaches each project with a unique combination of disciplines. He joins the show for a chat about creating challenges that need to be solved, getting off the computer and doing a deep dive on Schwarzenegger movies.

Episode 85Shawn Hileman &
Sam Heimer

Collaborating as Masthead Phantom Hand, Shawn and Sam join the show to talk about hating your day job, putting together a show about exes and their favorite toys.

Episode 84Melissa Morris Ivone

Melissa chats about how an introvert becomes a public speaker, the biggest risks she’s taken in her career, the women who are her biggest inspirations and doing an embroidered self-portrait.

Episode 83Steve Belkowitz

For almost thirty years Steve Belkowitz has photographed subjects with a touching honesty. He chats about being persistent in your career, Man Ray and making snow in Colorado.